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Grants Initiatives


The mission of the Richland Two Grants Initiatives Office is to assist teachers and administrators in locating and facilitating a coordinated effort in the submission of grants from both public and private sources to maximize the district’s resources.  


  • Secure additional funding for educational programs within the district.
  • Provide greater coordination of grant activities within the district for a focused, efficient and professional approach to all grant-seeking endeavors.
  • Increase the district’s capacity for funding by building collaborative relationships and partnerships among community-based organizations.
  • Support innovative classroom activities that are funded through competitive grant initiatives. 


  • Provide district-wide grant development training and technical assistance.
  • Advise educators in preparing proposals and in the proposal writing process.
  • Conduct grant source searches for educators.
  • If your organization would like to partner with Richland School District Two on a specific grant proposal, please download this Grant Partnership Request Form

Dr. Arlene Bakutes
Director of Grants Initiatives